Zamac, also known as Zamak,  is an alloy mainly constituted by zinc with different percentages of other elements such as aluminum, copper and magnesium. Due to its strength, hardness and ductility, Zamac  is widely used in the production of buckles.
Zamac buckles can be very easily made smooth,  polished  and plated. We can supply  both glossy buckles plated with Gold, Light Gold,  Nickel Nickel free etc, and buckles plated to obtain  a “vintage” appearance such as Old Silver, English Silver, Old Brass etc. Depending on the type of technique that is used in the production, we can provide both buckles in limited quantities and in large quantities.



Brass is an alloy mainly constituted by zinc and copper. It has a characteristic yellow color very similar to gold. Although Brass has properties completely different to Zamac, for example it has a higher melting temperature which makes difficult and expensive  its processing, it is widely used in the production of buckles and more in general  of fashion accessories. Thanks to its unique and attractive color, brass buckles are generally not plated  to give a different color, nevertheless, upon customer request, we can  carry  out  the same type of  galvanizations described for Zamack buckles.



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