Elite Fusion S.r.l. is a company founded in 1992 and is still family owned.
The owner, Mrs Sonja van Loon, assisted by her husband Claudio, continues to work with great commitment and passion for tradition and innovation.
The knowledge of many foreign languages has enabled them to offer their products to  international markets.
Elite Fusion S.r.l. is  located in Bolgare in the so-called "fashion district" between Milan and Bergamo.
The company produces zamac and brass buckles and can also supply the final product, ie complete belts. It is also able to provide other fashion accessories such as buttons, rivets, clamps, closures, etc. 
Elite Fusion S.r.l. products are characterized by an unique design, high quality and great elegance.
The entire product processing is performed in Italy (Made in Italy) and many phases, particularly those related to finishing, are handmade. Attention to details distinguishes Elite Fusion S.r.l. from other fashion accessories producers.
Elite Fusion S.r.l. can provide its clients with  both large and small quantities of its products.
Elite Fusion S.r.l. sells exclusively to the B2B market namely wholesalers, distributors, buyers, stores, fashion houses, designers, etc.
Elite Fusion S.r.l. can customize its products to specific client needs, for example by engraving a logo.
Elite Fusion S.r.l. is also able to produce buckles on specific designs supplied by the customer.

Elite Fusion new models are registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), therefore their counterfeiting is forbidden.

Elite Fusion, in case of violation of its intellectual property rights, will take appropriate legal action  against  infringers.



Elite Fusion S.r.l.
Società Unipersonale

Via Asnenga, 1
24060 Bolgare (BG)
Tel: 035.4499410





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